Amongst our clients that look for support in IP law are national and international manufacturing and trading companies, publishing firms, but also start-up companies and private individuals. They all rely on MILLER Rechtsanwälte for managing their commercial and intellectual property rights, such as e.g. their registered company and product names. We at MILLER Rechtsanwälte help our clients to ensure that their worldwide global business ventures are legally well protected.

Most of MILLER Rechtsanwälte’s national clients are well-established enterprises, many of them export-oriented and with company profiles based on innovative ideas. They design and manufacture ground-breaking, yet solution-oriented products for a wide-range of industries: Automobile manufacturing, Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Plant construction, Food industry, Hospitality sector, Fashion and Beauty industry, Consumer Products, Telecommunication, Software, Information technologies, Hi-tech business operations.

Other MILLER Rechtsanwälte clients are private individuals and start-up companies. No matter their size, they are cared for most professionally as they are often in need of precise legal expert advice, particularly at the beginning of their business venture. With MILLER Rechtsanwälte’s professional support, all our clients can not only discern which protection they will need in general, but also which way is best to obtain effective legal, yet budget-oriented protection of their IP rights.