Fast changing markets of the last decades, pushed forward by technology transformation, have made preservation and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights a matter of prime importance in securing and strengthening the market position of all enterprises and companies seeking sustainable growth.

In order to ensure future economic viability and sustainability of our clients’ business we provide legal advice in IP (Intellectual Property) rights including Patent, Utility Model & Trademark Law, Design Law (design & models), Company Rights (including name, style, design, logo, etc.).

We support our customers from the early stages on, starting with establishing IP rights (e.g. research & registration process) followed by our trademark watch services plus enforcement and defence of our clients’ IP rights against possible infringements, breach or misuse by third parties. Furthermore, we provide assistance in implementing compensation claims for damages and/or injunctions should need arise.

Moreover, we counsel our clients on all other IP issues, such as Competition Law, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Employee Invention Rights, E-Commerce, and Copyright Law as well as on drafting and negotiating license agreements and contracts.

As a part of our professional expertise we also provide Negotiation & Mediation services in settlements of disputes concerning industrial & IP rights, where we represent our clients at the German, European and International Patent and Trademark offices and courts (DPMA, EPO, EUIPO, WIPO) whenever there is an infringement of our clients’ IP rights.

For more than 40 years we at MILLER Rechtsanwälte are committed to protect our clients’ rights on the subject of establishing and management of their Corporate Identity and Trademark Rights.

The main areas where we operate are:

Trademarks & brand protection
IP licensing
Employee invention law
Industrial designs
Unfair competition