Counselling our clients is based on the following principles:

Direct, Familiar & Trustworthy

As a specialist IP-Boutique, we consult our clients quickly and individually with a principal focus on our clients’ essential business requirements. Not only our long-term clients, but also recent ones value MILLER Rechtsanwälte as a trustworthy specialist IP boutique since our experienced attorneys are familiar with either their private individual’s or their company’s preferences and requisites concerning the protection of their IP rights. We offer competent, continuous and comprehensive support so that our clients are able to protect their industrial and intellectual property rights in Germany, Europe and across the world the best way possible.

Practice- & Solution-oriented

Our mode of practice aims at finding quick, yet practical solutions. With our legal counsel with a focus on long-term success, we attempt to find quick and yet comprehensive solutions to any arising problem. These solutions are orientated towards the needs of our clients and their daily work practice. This way we are able to identify potential problems quickly, address them accordingly or circumvent them entirely.

Proficient & Committed

Almost half a century of experience on all practice areas of IP, highlighted by our long-term focus on IP law, makes us leading and trustworthy legal experts on whom many clients as well as colleagues rely.

Our priority is to support you when it comes to establishing and enforcing, maintaining and defending your IP rights.